About us

We're a small kennel situated in Sorø, Denmark.

Some of our other passions is to take dogs  picture and make homepages. We do handspun yarn, from the collie wool as well. A great hobby, from the yarn I produce some usefull items.
Our dogs are beloved members of our family, we like to train them for obedience and from time to time we do enjoy dog shows, in Denmark and abroad.

Our hearts belong to the English type of collie, and it is our goal to breed that type of collie.

Take a look around at the page, hope you enjoy your visit.

Our start was from those Kennels Kennel Privat, in Norway Fagerhøj & Zarvo in Denmark,  Brilyn collies in UK and Des Beldones in France.

We're looking forward to have puppies in the house. Is there something sweeter than a puppy ? We're not a big breeder; we're rather like  produce quality and not quantitet.  But from time to time, we have puppies in the house. You're always welcome to ask for our plans.

Long time ago since the first dog move into my house.

Laila med schäfere                    Laila med schäfere

Already at that time it was wrote in stone, that I would became a colliebreeder, and I would work with the dogs. Both had been into that direction so far.

Charlie på får
Charlie on sheep

Cruft udstilling

At a show. Crufts actually

Some good wins from a show



From the trainingclass

English type of collie
From a show

From a day where DKK, made a new movie. We was invited both with my old Charlie and with a litter of colliepuppies.  You can enjoy them all in the movie. At the frontcover, it is one of my puppies from the past.

Laila & Charlie   

From the workingday, when we did the movie

Topperteam a summer litter of lovely collie puppies
From our breeding.

colliehvalp og barn
Our little grandson. He's so good with the dogs.

A pic from the past, in my garden

Topper as a model (Privat's Run To The Top)

Topperteam puppies

Goldie, my homemade sweetie. This pic is used as an illustration at a informationleaf, made by the
Danish Collie Club.

Topperteam collie puppy
From the past. My good old Charlie. How I miss him........

Just a little part from our doglife